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Takamine Whiskey 8 Years Old, Japan

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Using the patented Takamine Process of malting, the Shinozaki Brewery and Distillery has brought a Sake tradition to the Whisky world.

In 1891 Professor Jokichi Takamine created the Takamine Process. Using an ancient Japanese mold, Koji, to convert starches to sugars in a process similar to malting barley. Unlike malt Whiskey which extracts its sugars in a warm water mash before yeast is introduced in the fermentation process, the Koji and yeast are added at the same time in a parallel fermentation. The Shinozaki family has taken the Takamine Process and made a Whisky in honor of Jokichi Takamine. They take the 100% barley fermented Whisky, double distill it and age it in both Virgin oak and ex-Bourbon casks for 8 years. The result is an elegant Whisky with light notes of butterscotch, caramel and toasted vanilla. Since there is no smokiness in this Whisky, the rounded finish with baking spice characteristics linger nicely along with the butterscotch.

The Wine Country.
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