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Review Teutonic 2019 Red Blend, Willamette Valley

Teutonic 2019 Red Blend, Willamette Valley

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Tasting Notes: 80% Gewürztraminer and 20% Pinot Noir. We call this a chillable red wine. It's light, crisp with all the aromatics from the Gewurztraminer with nice high acid tones from the Pinot Noir. Very easy drinking wine.

A refreshing red blend perfect for many occasions from picnics in summer to starting an elegant dinner out with friends and family. Pinot Noir adds the color, light tannins and strawberry, cherry and cranberry flavors but it only makes up 20% of the wine. Most of the wine is actually a white grape know for adding floral spiced peach, apricot and lychee fruit aromas. Gewurztraminer is the grape and it also offers a bit of cinnamon ginger and sweet rose to the wine. These grapes are sourced from cool vineyards, preserving freshness and dry farmed to ensure deep rooted grapevines that express terroir.

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