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Review "The Bean Lover Rancho Gordo Grand Selection" Gift Basket

"The Bean Lover Rancho Gordo Grand Selection" Gift Basket

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Rancho Gordo, a California treasure, produces the country's finest dried beans, many from heirloom varieties. This fabulous selection makes a great introduction.

Our Rancho Gordo sampler contains some of Rancho Gordo's most iconic dried beans.  Vaquero Bean, Yellow Eye Bean, Santa Maria Pinquitos, Cassoulet beans, Flageolets, and Cranberry beans.  Along with this selection is Sabor Vaquero Chili Powder and Gay Caballero Very Hot Sauce for seasoning and The Rancho Gordo Heirloom Bean Guide which provides recipes and valuable information for this Napa Valley treasure.

The Wine Country.
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