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March Wine of the Month

2015 Domaine Grange de Moines Costieres de Nimes, Rhone Valley, France 

$14.99 bottle   $179.88 case

Costieres De Nimes is located in the southernmost growing region of France’s Rhone Valley where its proximity to the coast give the wines a more Mediterranean feel. The soils in the Costieres De Nimes, like its far more famous neighbor to the north, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, are peppered...Read More


What do We Mean When We Say "Bordeaux Blends"? by Randy Kemner, Proprietor


Recently I had the privilege of hosting a tasting of some impressive red wines at The Wine Country.  The sellout Friday night event was originally billed as "Bordeaux-Style Blends from the Western States" at just $45 per person, but during the run-up to the event it soon became clear that a new generation of wine consumer Read More  


Turning People On to Some Incredible Red Wines from South America by Andy Acosta


One of my favorite parts of this job is turning people on to the remarkable combination of world-class quality and extreme value presented in the wines within my purview. In the case of this article, I’m referring to the delicious and varied red wines from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay...Read More


 Wines of the Loire Valley--More Popular Than Ever by Samantha Dugan


Seems as if every time I turn around our Loire Valley section, both white and red, has been ravaged.  I walk in after a couple days off, peruse the French department and the Loire racks look like a hockey player’s smile, full of empty spaces.  I think that is so wicked cool. Most stores...Read More


The Beautiful Champagnes of Cyril Bonnet by Samantha Dugan


In med-February we were delighted to have as a special guest 6-generation winemaker for Champagne Bonnet-Ponson, Cyril Bonnet.  Cyril had visited us once before and we were forever charmed by his enthusiasm, welcoming demeanor and sheer passion for the wines of his family domaine...Read More


Wine Selections Revealed by the Long Beach Public Library Foundation by Randy Kemner, Proprietor


One of the most anticipated wine and food events of the year is the annual Grape Expectations fund-raiser  for the Long Beach Public Library Foundation.  Once again the gala event will be held...Read More


Spotlight on the Craft Rum Boom by Nick Larson


Last month we brought back our monthly liquor tastings in a big way, re-launching it with the hottest things around right now: Bourbon and rye whiskey.  For this month, we’re going to explore...Read More


 3 Weavers Brewery and Guardian Distributors Star in BeerVenture by Nick Larson


After an amazing February tasting featuring some of the best Belgian beers around, our BeerVenture is back with a vengeance.  On March 21 we will be showcasing an amazing local brewery...Read More


Gift Baskets for Everyone! by Katy Wade


And just like that, Spring is upon us.  When I think about Spring, I think about baskets.  Baskets of flowers, baskets of eggs, Easter baskets, and of course, the adult version of the Easter...Read More



Drinking Holidays  by Randy Kemner, Proprietor


There are drinking holidays--St. Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo come to mind--and there are holidays from drinking, like the entire month of January for some.  This article focuses on the former, not the latter.  When we gaze at the calendar, a few dates stand out as perfunctory drinking days...Read More


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