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The Wine Country's November 2018 Newsletter

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November Wine of the Month

Introducing our newest wine of the month! This amazing bottle is sure to please a variety of people with its combination of quality, bottle age, smooth tannins and price. Plus, the alcohol level is only 13.5% which allows to quality fruit to shine. Obvious Wines are made by Broken Earth Winery in Paso Robles on a 2,500-acre ranch
originally planted in 1973...Read More  

$14.99 per bottle    $179.88 per case




Getting Prepared for our 24th Holiday Season!

by Randy Kemner

It hardly seems possible, but The Wine Country is on the cusp of our 24th holiday season. Our first edition of this newsletter, back when we printed them instead of e-mailing them, was written just as we were about to open our store in November 1995.  It featured what would become annual Thanksgiving wine recommendations...Read More




Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations from North America

by Chris Costales

November is upon us at the store with the leaves starting to fall and change color along with cool breezes that thankfully remind us that summer is over. For many Americans this is also the time of our honored tradition of gathering together with friends and family to enjoy each other’s company with festive food and drink....Read More




Gifting the Same Old Thing?  Argentine Malbec Will Add Excitement to Your List

by Jessica Martinez

Sick of gifting the same old boring Cabernets every holiday season?  Want something different and exotic to impress your friends and family? Well look no further.  Argentinian MALBEC is the wine for you!  Argentina's finest Malbecs come from the foothills of the Andes Mountains and from vineyards reaching altitudes...Read More




Champagne--Get a Look at This Set!

by Samantha Dugan

Okay, folks.  Brace yourselves.  Get ready for your local wine merchant to lay some deep truth upon you. I know it will be difficult to hear, even harder to absorb and comprehend, but I implore you, hear me out and try for a second to understand that my uncomfortable words come a place of education, experience, and decades of fierce devotion to a specific wine region.  Ready?  Here goes...Read More




Are You Hip Enough for the Old School?

by Samantha Dugan

“Ruinite on ice, that’s nice” One of those pop jingles that stick with people.  But today, where’s the Ruinite?  After re-visiting the red, slightly sparkling semi-sweet Lambrusco a few years back, I knew where the Ruinite was, in its rightful place in hell.  Collecting dust on the shelves of corner liquor stores and your local Walgreen’s...Read More  





Grower Bubbles from California, Too

by Samantha Dugan

 So, as we have discussed over and over here at The Wine Country, we look for, support and adore sharing with our customers smaller production wines.  We’ve always found that the quality outshines the more volume-driven wineries and often for less money. Our grower champagne department..Read More




2016 Vintage Port, I Do Declare!

by Kevin Lepisto

2016 was an exceptional year for Port and a year in which all the great Port houses declared, or released, a vintage port. Vintage Port is the most prestigious and rarest style of all Port wines.  Produced from the best vineyards of a single year in which the producer feels represents the highest quality capable of aging gracefully for decades...Read More




Thanksgiving Day and Beer:  Matches Made in Heaven!

by Nic Bradley

November is here, which means a few things: the weather is cooling down, the scarves are coming out, and your Ugg boots will soon make their 2018 debut. It also means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! So put on your flannel and grab a pumpkin spice latte to keep you warm as you browse our beer cooler for styles...Read More



Gift Ideas to Give Yourself a Head Start

by Dale Kemner

You may be denying it, but Christmas is right around the corner. Here are a few ideas to get your gift list started.  It seems like every day fun new items are arriving to our barware and accessory department.  They are not only practical for home use, but they make tremendous gifts, too.  If you can't visit us in person, be sure to check out...Read More




Our Fall Spirits Arrivals are Rich and Accomplished--Everywhere!

by Randy Kemner

The explosion of craft distillers has resulted in creative excellence not seen since Prohibition. Even established brands are getting into the act with new age statements and double oaking. Some old favorites in sake return, too.  It's getting closer to the holidays and winter weather, so our suppliers have recently amped up their spirits releases...Read More

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