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Review Schutzenhof Und Konsorten 2021 Roka Natural Wine, Austria

Schutzenhof Und Konsorten 2021 Roka Natural Wine, Austria

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Look up the history of Uhudler wines from Austria. American grapes that were brought to Austria to fight Phylloxera are only allowed to be blended together and not mixed with any Austrian grapes. There’s a lot more to it than that.

Made with Concord, Delaware, Elvira and Ripatella grapes this is the only wine I’ve ever had in my life where if someone said “This tastes like grapes” they wouldn’t be saying it just to be funny. This wine tastes like an adult grape juice! There is some soft bramble fruit to give it some depth but also amazing about this wine is the acidity. This bright pop of acidity keeps the flavor profile light on your palate. There is a grape powder kind of finish.

The Wine Country.
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