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Review Viresa 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon "Surco 2.7" Valle De San Vicente, Valle de Guadalupe

Viresa 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon "Surco 2.7" Valle De San Vicente, Valle de Guadalupe

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Ruby colored with light gamet flashes; varietal aromas skewed slightly towards pepper and an outstanding mixture of red fruits with a touch of black fruits. Its taste, medium bodied and tannins, smooth and ripe. A wine with character, complex yet balanced

Three generations of Familia Curis have remained committed to a singular goal and purpose, contribute to the development of a fully functional “wine culture” in Mexico. 

Their respect for the land, attention to detail and their commitment to producing high-quality wine grapes has earned them the reputation for being one of the region’s top grape growers.  Not surprisingly, they have become the main supplier of grapes for many wineries located in Valle de Guadalupe.

Ironically, their vineyards are located south of Ensenada, along the original wine route (“Antigua Ruta del Vino”), in San Vicente.  Their vineyard, “Llano Colorado”, spans 922 total acres of which 440 acres are planted.  The remaining 482 acres will be planted as future market conditions dictate.

Unlike parts of Valle de Guadalupe that suffer from a lack of water or high mineral levels, the Llano Colorado vineyard is blessed with a fresh and ample water source in addition to well-draining soils that showcase clay, stony, alluvial and volcanic components.


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