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Review Chateau Peyredon 2019 Haut Medoc 'Lagravette' Bordeaux

Chateau Peyredon 2019 Haut Medoc 'Lagravette' Bordeaux

($27.99 Incl. tax)
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This is a solid performer that we've enjoyed for multiple vintages. Ranked Cru Bourgeois, it is a handsome wine that doesn't shoot for the moon, yet provides enjoyment at a price we can afford.

On the nose you get notes of dark purple fruit, spice from the oak and hints of flowers. To the taste your palate is coated with a rich mouthfeel that leads to hints of spice to keep the palate light. Tart red fruit while adding some richness also serves to keep the palate light and works well with the mild tannins. Light fruit flavors linger. 

The Wine Country.
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