"How the generous, curious spirit of one man brought wine culture to Long Beach"-- LBIZE10-25-21

"BEST WINE SELLER"--Press Telegram's Reader's Choice Awards 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

“This Signal Hill shop offers a crazy number of tastings each week. In just one week, they featured wines of Italy’s Puglia, Rhone Valley wines and Napa and Sonoma Zinfandels. Fridays are usually reserved for classes and seminars that require a reservation. For others, especially Thursdays’ commuter tastings, walk-ins are welcome.” — Los Angeles Times

“Randy Kemner of The Wine Country in Long Beach, California, is one of the most articulate and impassioned wine retailers I know. He also produces one of my favorite newsletters, a document that is as much philosophical treatise as it is sales device.”–Lettie Teague, Wall Street Journal

“Kemner is so casually earnest and down-to-earth in his writing that when I read his newsletter—usually with a glass of wine in hand, when I get home in the evening—it almost feels as if he’s sitting in my living room with me, talking, not writing.” — Los Angeles Times

“Best Wine Shops of L.A.” — Los Angeles Magazine

“Leading American Wine Retailer” — Food & Wine

“America’s Best Wine Stores” — Wine and Spirits Readers Poll