The Wine Country
2301 Redondo Avenue
Signal Hill, California 90755

Southern California's Favorite Destination For Fine Wine, Natural Wines Artisan Spirits, Craft Beer, Gourmet Foods, Wine Accessories & Gift Baskets

The Wine Country is the Long Beach area's number one destination for wines of the world, craft beer, specialty spirits and gourmet foods.  This award-winning, locally owned store is a 7,000 square foot wonderland, with a staff dedicated to making each guest's visit a special event.  For over a quarter century, the store's talented wine buyers have specialized in the specific regions of the world they are passionate about, offering the kinds of special bottles one just can't find in chain stores.  The Wine Country also builds custom gift baskets on the premises.

Today, The Wine Country is more exciting than ever, as a new generation of enthusiastic customers flock to the store's thrilling craft beer and Natural Wine departments.

Winner of numerous Readers' Polls for Best Wine Store, The Wine Country has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Wine & Spirits Magazine, Los Angeles Times and many local publications.

We also feature wine accessories, gourmet foods and cheeses, and our hand-made gift baskets created on the premises. The Wine Country’s Wine and Gourmet Gift Baskets are second to none.  We also offer cellar-temperature wine storage lockers for rent.  Our ambitious wine tastings are scheduled three times a week.  In addition, we host monthly craft beer tastings.  We invite you to drop by and pay us a visit when you're in the area.  The Wine Country is closer than you think!

To speak with one of our experts,

Call 1-800-505-5564 or 1-562-597-8303

Press Reviews of The Wine Country

"How the generous, curious spirit of one man brought wine culture to Long Beach"-- LBIZE10-25-21

"BEST WINE SELLER"--Press Telegram's Reader's Choice Awards 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

“This Signal Hill shop offers a crazy number of tastings each week. In just one week, they featured wines of Italy’s Puglia, Rhone Valley wines and Napa and Sonoma Zinfandels. Fridays are usually reserved for classes and seminars that require a reservation. For others, especially Thursdays’ commuter tastings, walk-ins are welcome.” — Los Angeles Times

“Randy Kemner of The Wine Country in Long Beach, California, is one of the most articulate and impassioned wine retailers I know. He also produces one of my favorite newsletters, a document that is as much philosophical treatise as it is sales device.”–Lettie Teague, Wall Street Journal

“Kemner is so casually earnest and down-to-earth in his writing that when I read his newsletter—usually with a glass of wine in hand, when I get home in the evening—it almost feels as if he’s sitting in my living room with me, talking, not writing.” — Los Angeles Times

“Best Wine Shops of L.A.” — Los Angeles Magazine

“Leading American Wine Retailer” — Food & Wine

“America’s Best Wine Stores” — Wine and Spirits Readers Poll

“Why our nation’s mainline wine mastheads haven’t paid more attention to Samantha Dugan’s extraordinary sparkling wine selection at the Wine Country in Long Beach, CA has left me nonplussed.  In case you’ve never visited her and her team, that’s just part of the seemingly endless offering of bubbles at her shop, a legacy wine merchant in a community where there is a deep appreciation for fine wine, from the everyday to the collectible.”—Jeremy Parzen,

Customer Reviews

Well deserved. I’ve not purchased wine (or frankly liquor) anywhere else for the last 2 decades. Randy has curated the very best of quality at a great value. Extraordinary.
Stephen Sutton

The best wine shop in the area. The staff is always helpful and offer great suggestions on every visit.
Brian Duarte

The entire staff is knowledgeable and kinda fabulous.
Terry Gendreau

Our family loves this place. We especially love the help picking out gifts. Our most recent trip was to find Pet Nat and natural orange wine for a family member. Came home with a case of selections!
Linda McGee

Wine Country is a treasure. True story; years ago, I went there to get a bottle to bring to my boss’ dinner party, and told the person helping me that she was interested in “Southern Hemisphere” wines. They recommended an Australian cab which set me back less than 20 bucks. My boss went crazy for it, insisting I spent too much, and when I told her where I found it, she scooped me up in the middle of the work day to drive down there and get a case.
Ellen Rooney

I walked through the door the first day they opened 20 some years ago and been going back ever since. Randy is a local treasure and there is not a bad bottle of wine in that store.
Don Fairley

The Wine Country is just the best! Awesome staff, great wines, snacks and greeting cards (I know, that’s random, but I’m a geek for cards!). We are so lucky to have it in our backyard!!
Stephanie Toller Negrete

Great beer and spirits selection too. Shout-outs to the staff who know their stuff!
Andrew Schrock

Randy is one of the best people I know! You owe it yourself to stop by, meet him, and pick up some delicious beverages and snacks!
Caleb Baldwin

I worked in the wine industry for a few years and even though my expertise was limited to wine education mostly, it brought me to a lot of shops all over LA County to search for wines to do some research. The Wine Country is by far the most pleasant, warmest, educational, engaging shop of them all--basically, all the adjectives. It's not that the other shops don't sell interesting wines--they do--but The Wine Country is where I learned, asked, and grew.
Katie Miranda

I tell people on a regular basis that I can spend $10 at your store, and know it will be something I enjoy…$20 anywhere else, and I’m likely to have to pour it down the sink. Really.
Vicki Barkley
Long Beach, CA

My standard line when telling people about The Wine Country is they do more things right in one month than most shops do in a year.

Steve Pinzon
Long Beach, CA

Your efforts and selves have been a major factor in our pleasures as we’re sure you’ve been for countless others. You guys are so truly special in this overly-homogeneous-generic society. Something to be genuinely thankful for.
Richard and Patty Weeks
Long Beach

My first purchase was during your opening week. I have enjoyed your store and publication for years. Whenever I am in Long Beach I stop in the store and buy a couple of bottles to drop in with friends for visits.
Mark Green
Salem, OR

Every year I give a client of mine a custom wine basket you have made. This is what he had to say about it: “Always my favorite beverage gift of the year. You have great taste, which I celebrate and drink virtually the same week as your gift arrives each year. Thanks again.” Thanks for making me look good.
Tim Nicholas

Carolyn Easley

Got the best recommendations from Diana for an exquisite whiskey for a gift and some IPA's to give as a thank you.  Both were perfect choices!  Can't wait to go back.

Steve Pinzon 

Broad and interesting inventory in all price ranges. Very knowledgeable staff. Excellent tastings. Craft beer and gourmet choices as well. Best wine shop I have ever been in.

Michael Bryson

Interesting tastings on Saturdays (as well as events on other days), and a broader and more carefully-thought-out selection than most other wine retailers in the LA area. You will find things here that you cannot find elsewhere.

Thomas Campion

Excellent selection of wine, beer, and spirits, with a very knowledgeable staff on hand. Tastings of various types during week, but the Friday evening ones tend to be the most interesting and eclectic. Owner Randy Kemner has maintained an incredibly high quality retail store. Worth a visit if you want to have that special bottle for an event or even just something to compliment a warm summer evening meal.

Mori West

We've purchased wine, gift baskets as well as taken classes. The staff at The Wine Country KNOW their stuff. You can't go to a BevMo or Total Wine and get the knowledge as well as the special wines they carry. I've never been steered to anything outside my budget either. I've let them know what I like, what I want to pay and they have always suggested something spectacular. Take a class or two- you will learn a lot from someone who has been to the wineries, knows the winemakers and the regions. It's a lot of fun, just wish I lived closer.

Samuel Newman

Everyone should stop by and check out this wonderful store.

Juan Huizar

Any time that I am planning a party, Wine Country is always at the top of my list when it comes to purchasing beverages and snacks. They have a fantastic selection of wines, beers, cheeses, and more. If you are unsure of what to buy, their employees provide exceptional customer service and can help you determine what to purchase. I highly recommend Wine Country as a one-stop shop for all of your beverage needs

Joy Janes

Always a good experience at Wine Country. Buying wine can be daunting. Not here. The personnel are knowledgeable and helpful.

Shiho Toyohara

Great place to buy wine, little sweets, and stuff. Love it!!  The staff is very helpful and easy to buy wine for any occasion! Great gift place!  Definitely five star!

Robert Simpson

The best wine shop in the Southland. They have a great selection of wines organized by place of origin, and they offer an outstanding calendar of tasting experiences. Staff are knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. They have everything from great economical offerings to high end exclusive wines.

Seth George

I've been going here for years. The owner is extremely knowledgeable, and tailors what he carries very carefully. He takes time to train his staff, as well as listen to what they have to say. I can't recommend Wine Country enough.

Misha Heller

BEST wine store! They helped me select an amazing selection of wines at reasonable price for my recent business event! Thank you, The Wine Country!!!

Matt Morton

GREAT selection of rare and hard to find beverages. I found a cider that I can't get anywhere else, but here!

Carlos S.

Really cool place, they have an extensive variety of beer, fine wines and plenty of good liquor. They carry the Alvarado Brewery Beer too. Great stuff and hard to find.

David T.

Just ordered a case of wine from The Wine Country and couldn't be happier with the customer service and amazing turnaround time. They didn't stock this specific blend/vintage and they were able to get it within 4 days and kept me updated along the way. Very much appreciated every step of the process from three different employees, all great! Thanks, Laurie and Samantha!  Will definitely make this store my primary going forward.

Mike C.

I enjoy wine. Rhône varietals to be exact. That, and the fact that the NY Times compiled a list of great wines under $30 led me here.  Tiy greeted me as I started to roam the aisles searching for wines on my list. She demonstrated an intimate knowledge of the wine regions and both the big and small producers in those regions. If there was a wine on my list that they didn't carry, there were several alternatives she could offer based on profile and price point.  Very positive experience for those looking for smaller production wine and great service.

Chris B.

This is a great wine store.  The people are extremely approachable and always super helpful.  Whether you're grilling a flank steak, making shrimp tacos, or anything in between...they'll help you find the right wine(s).  And, they also have a nice little selection of cheeses, crackers, cured meats, olives, etc...

Richard L.

This place is all class - and super friendly. Everyone I bring here marvels at the unique wines and spirits in stock, as well as the helpful staff.  The icing on the cake is the chiller with processed meats and cheeses... you could source the essentials for a seriously smooth soirée without leaving the store.

Nikki T.

If you're looking for hard-to-find craft beers, spirits, and wine, chances are you can find it here at The Wine Country.  A friend introduced me to Kentucky bourbon beer and I've been on a hunt to find it here in SoCal. Apparently, after extensive research, you can't find it anywhere on the west coast except at one particular bar and here, The Wine Country. Unfortunately, every time I've stopped by to buy it, someone else beat me to it. Today was my lucky day. I called in and they had it available. Aside from rare craft beers, I've also found wine and whiskey I couldn't find elsewhere. They also have a variety of cheeses you can pair with your wine and other delectable snacks.

The service is impeccable here. I've always had people willing to go out their way to help me locate what I was searching for. This place has officially become one of my favorite places to get alcoholic beverages.

The wine tastings and events they hold here also make this place great. I have yet to go to their events, but I've heard wonderful things about their wine tastings. The people who work here are very knowledgeable and always have great suggestions.

Parking is ample and the store is located in a somewhat secluded location which is great because traffic has never been an issue.

Tovan T.

This is a lovely store if wine and craft beers is more your speed...hard liquor also available.  If you're familiar with Hi-Time Cellars in Newport, this is reminiscent of that but much smaller.  You will find a knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always on the ready to help you find whatever you maybe looking for...they are also willing to use their contacts to help you obtain harder-to-obtain wines.  The selection here is pretty cool.  Domestic wines are all organized together and international wines are in a different section.  In addition to craft beers and liquors, there's even a snack section where they keep caviar and Jeni's Splendid ice creams.

The first weekend of each month, they do a large format wine tasting with food.  For about $30, there's a theme of wines and food to pair with them.  June 2018 netted their 18th annual rosé and roasted lamb with aioli and boiled potatoes.  There's also bread, assorted cheeses, salami, and pâté.  There was a selection of about 12 French rosés and they were all under $30.  The selection they had was pretty good...from wines you could drink alone on a hot summer day or wines you could pair with a summer meal.

They also offer beer tastings, wine tasting classes where the theme and the wines become more serious and expensive, in addition to wine storage lockers if you find you need room to cellar your precious bottles.

Parking was plentiful in the area.  The lot got full as more people arrived, but there was also plenty of parking on the side street (Industrial) right next to the lot.  And the biggest bonus is there's a great bakery next door you can stop in for dessert...if you have time.

Mark G.

Great selection, great service, and great prices. I'm always satisfied with the wines I get here. They also have a ton of great tasting events, many of which are quite affordable. The staff is very knowledgeable. I once went shopping for some pinotage (a somewhat obscure varietal popular in South Africa) and one of the employees was able to give me detailed descriptions of each one they sell. If I had to suggest something, it would be that they should carry a better selection of under $10 wines. My wife is not a discerning wine drinker, so I also buy some lower quality wines. It would be nice to take care of that part of my shopping list while at The Wine Country, too.

Scott N.

This place has it all. Seriously. GREAT wine selection and extremely helpful staff who KNOW tons. They always point me in the right direction for a wine/beer/alcohol. The Friday night seminar/classes are very well run and educational. Thursday and Saturday wine tastings are a great way to try some new wines that you've probably never heard of. Always enjoy my time there and spend probably too much money there (not their fault as the prices are fine-it's just everything is so good)

Helen F.

I LOVE this place. The staff is extremely helpful, always friendly and very knowledgeable about wine. Their recommendations are spot-on and the atmosphere is extremely inviting. In addition, their prices are extremely competitive. Lastly, they have weekly tastings Thursday-Saturday. I HIGHLY recommend this wine store!!

Beth K.

Every time I walk in here I'm a little overwhelmed because they have an extensive selection and I am no wine expert! A staff member (Thank you Kevin!) always comes to my rescue and helps me find a wine that I or person I'm buying for is always impressed with!  PS. They also carry a pretty yummy cheese selection!