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Review Sadie Family Wines 2022 "Skerpioen" White Blend, South Africa

Sadie Family Wines 2022 "Skerpioen" White Blend, South Africa

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Aromatics with tons of fruit and limey, citrus and chamomile flowers. Distinctive saline qualities, salty taste, and minerals are again prominent. The salinity of this wine is a textbook aspect of the site and terroir of the vineyard.

This wine is a blend of Steen (Chenin Blanc) and Vaalblaar (Palamino) from St. Helena Bay in the Swartland. This area is one of the coolest parts of the Swartland and has some of the most intense south-easterly winds and the old vines look almost abused after having been battered by winds and blowing sand for years and years. Limestone soils match the color of the wax on the bottle. The name Skerpioen comes from the word Scorpions which call this vineyard home. The wine goes through natural fermentation and again in neutral casks. Bottled directly off the lees. Giving off Chamomile, Straw and Saline. 12 months in old Acacia and Oak fouders. 

The Wine Country.
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