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Review Bacoo Rum Aged 12 Years, Dominican Republic

Bacoo Rum Aged 12 Years, Dominican Republic

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Based in the Dominican Republic this is a sugarcane to bottle production. The name Bacoo comes from a character of folk-lore from the Dominican. The Bacoo can be your best friend and grant you wishes or be an agent of chaos. It all depends on you.

Aged for a minimum of 12 years in ex-Bourbon barrels. Mango and tropical fruit up front lead to vibrant baking spices. Toasted vanilla and hints of butterscotch give the rum some richness. Your palate is left with a medley of flavors on the finish; a combination of cola spice and baking spice, apples and bananas and vanilla beans.   


Featured in an episode of Sipping with Jeremy.

The Wine Country.
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