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Review Cimarron Tequila Reposado, Jalisco, Mexico 1 Liter

Cimarron Tequila Reposado, Jalisco, Mexico 1 Liter

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Smooth, easy drinking and in a 1 liter bottle! A great "everyday" Tequila for those of you who like Tequila on the Rocks. And so easy to shoot, those who say they can't do Tequila shots will be asking for another!

This is the Tequila you want if you're going to a festivity and need to bring a bottle for the group. Light Agave herbalness up front, hints of cinnamon, caramel and coco and it is super smooth on the finish. I have a group of friends that only take shots of Tequila with salt and limes. I brought Cimarron to a party, told everyone to not use their shot blankies and not a single person complained about it. 

The Wine Country.
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