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Review Jeni's Cookies in Cream Ice Cream Pint, Ohio

Jeni's Cookies in Cream Ice Cream Pint, Ohio

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Scratch-made darkest-chocolate cookies with flecks of white chocolate in vanilla-scented cream.

Best eaten under a blanket fort with a flashlight. Cookies in Cream is Jeni's nod to the classic ice cream parlor essential—as good as you remember, but better than it ever was. Jeni's version is better than the sweet cream, chocolate cookie goodness you remember spooning up under a blanket fort. They make the truffle-like cookies from scratch in Jeni's kitchen using Fair Trade cocoa powder. Then they scent the cream with vanilla and add flecks of crisp white chocolate—a touch meant to mimic the cream inside the cookies. Jeni's created this flavor in 2016 as part of their throwback collection, American Licks.

The Wine Country.
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