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Review Judith Beck 2015 Blaufrankisch, Austria

Judith Beck 2015 Blaufrankisch, Austria

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Judith’s favorite grape to work with and drink is Blaufrankisch, so there is little surprise she names one of her wines with that grape after herself. And honestly, if I made something this good, I’d put my name on it too!

For being almost 10 years old, the first noticeable thing of the palate is the acidity, the wine is still lively. There is a richness to the wine as well, big dark fruit notes, but it never feels heavy on the palate. There is a touch of candied fruit as well, coming off like the wine went through some carbonic fermentation. Soft tomato leaf characteristics lead to notes of boysenberry and vibrant raspberries, light vegetal flavors on the finish.

The Wine Country.
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