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Review Kastra Elion Vodka, Greece

Kastra Elion Vodka, Greece

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Greek olives are added during fermentation making this a dirty martini fan's dream!

April’s spirit of the month is Kastra Elion Vodka. This spirit is made for anyone who likes a dirty Martini. Because not only is Kastra Elion made with premium Greek grain, it is also made with olives grown in the Nafpaktos Region of Greece. Master Blender Frank Mihalopoulos takes the Vodka which is distilled in copper handmade stills, adds spring water from Mount Taygetus and allows the spirit to rest for 30-days in bottle before resting. Resulting in one of the most expressive Vodkas I have ever had.

Soft coating mouthfeel with a touch of salinity. Subtle floralness and hints of peppercorns. Light olive “bite” on finish. The texture of this Vodka is so unique, the flavors while subtle, stand up on their own and have you almost question if you’re drinking Gin instead of Vodka. As I mentioned before, if you’re a fan of olive juice in your Martini this Vodka was made for you to enjoy. But the options for cocktails don’t stop there! I suggest trying it in any cocktail you would use Gin in or any classic Vodka cocktail, the salinity and texture will take any cocktail to the next level.

The Wine Country.
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