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Review Noah's Mill 114.3 Proof Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, Bardstown, Kentucky

Noah's Mill 114.3 Proof Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, Bardstown, Kentucky

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A big bold Bourbon is what you're getting here. It may be 114.3 but it doesn't have the heat on the finish to knock you out.

A robust Bourbon with heavy charred oak notes, light cocoa flavors and delicate caramel on the finish. The Oak lingers and makes this a much hardier Whiskey than many out there.  Bottled cask strength.

Perhaps the most accomplished of the Willett stable of whiskies, Noah's Mill has been delighting our premium Bourbon customers ever since we introduced it many, many years ago.  It is powerful; a few drops of water, or a giant ice cube may be necessary to dampen the heat, but, oh, how nice the flavors are.  If you are familiar at all with the flavors and aromas of 20 year old tawny port, you'll find similarities in the warm spices found in this whiskey.  Although it is potent, the finish goes on and on.  It makes a lot of our bourbon customers happy.

The Wine Country.
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