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Review Antico Castello Olio di Oliva, Olive Oil, Italy, Liter

Antico Castello Olio di Oliva, Olive Oil, Italy, Liter

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It would be a mistake to characterize this Tuscan oil as merely a cooking oil, because it has so much going on.  Bottled unfliltered, this oil will become a house favorite for just about every use you put to it.

Bottled by a family-owned mill in southern Tuscany near the town of Arezzo, this is an unusually flavorful and smooth blended oil, a by-product of the fact that it contains 30% extra virgin oil, rather than the legally mandated minimum of 10% for an olive oil designated as an Olio di Oliva. It’s wonderfully useful for cooking and dressing. This oil is 100% Italian, styled in the Tuscan manner.

The Wine Country.
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