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Review Sadie Family Wines 2022 "Pofadder" Cinsault, South Africa

Sadie Family Wines 2022 "Pofadder" Cinsault, South Africa

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Massive volumes of bright-red fruit and lifted aromatics and upon smelling the wine the expectation would be soft on the pallet but firm tannins are met. Displays of delicate red fruit of great purity and linear qualities soft spices and earthy aromas .

The Hermityk (Cinsault)  grown for this wine is located in iron rich slate. The wax on the top of the bottle matches the iron rich slate soils. Puff Adders are poisonous vipers that are located in the vineyards. This wine is made with 50% Whole cluster, natural fermentation and used both concrete and foudre for again. 

Cinsualt in the late 19th and much of the 20th century Cinsault was the workhorse red variety that played an undeclared role in some great red blends. Cinsault can be a difficult grape to get right and Eben has mastered it. They filled concrete tankers with 50% whole cluster and 50% destemmed. 30 day(ish) fermentation on the skins adn then pressed into an old basket press. The wine is then transferred in 28 year old conical wooden casks that are neutral. Let of the lees for 11 months and then rack to concrete tank for 1 mor month. 

The Wine Country.
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