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Review Song Cai Viet Nam Dry Gin, Hanoi, Vietnam 700ml

Song Cai Viet Nam Dry Gin, Hanoi, Vietnam 700ml

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Using native heirloom grains and botanicals and having a 100% local staff, Song Cai is making Vietnamese Spirits with the pride of Vietnam.

July’s Spirit of the Month is the Dry Gin from Sông Cái, one of the first Vietnamese Gin producer. Very aromatic, before tasting the Gin you are introduced to bold spice characteristics (reminding me of cinnamon and bark). On the palate, the spice notes from the nose become very subtle. Instead, notes of dried flowers, juniper, black licorice, sweet citrus, and delicate sweet herbs all blend together to bring wonderful balance flavor profile. Those spiced aromatics from before, come out more on the end, along with the juniper and black licorice.

The Wine Country.
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