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Review Suntory Roku Gin, Japan

Suntory Roku Gin, Japan

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For years the world's craft gin distilleries were trying to mimic London Dry Gin, using juniper and as many traditional botanicals as they could acquire.  More recently, craft distillers have responded to the locavore movement and added locally grown ingredients to their gins in an attempt to make them more individual and unique.  Such is the case of Roku Gin, a Suntory project.


At 86 proof, Roku uses a combination of juniper and traditional botanicals and Japanese-specific botanicals Sakura flower, Yuzu peel, Sencha tea, Gyokuro tea, Sansho pepper and Sakura leaf, ingredients you are not likely to find in Great Britain.  The result is a gin with a powerful aroma and intriguing flavors, some flowery, some citrusy.  Although it is juniper-dominant, the exotic ingredients are nicely in balance. 

The Wine Country.
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