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Review Sylvain Bailly 2022 Quincy "Beaucharme", Loire Valley

Sylvain Bailly 2022 Quincy "Beaucharme", Loire Valley

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This lively Sauvignon Blanc is so easy to drink, it is almost dangerous!

Importer Michael Sullivan once told me he likes to drink this wine while doing his bookkeeping at night but warned me it’s so easy to drink it could be trouble!  Quincy is another town in the string of Sauvignon Blanc Villages, and this version, made by Sancerre producer Sylvain Bailly, has always been a bargain.  “Baby Sancerre” doesn’t give this wine its due, but you get the point.  A bit lighter in body and concentration, but still possessing a lively personality, the first thing the wine delivers is an aroma with floral notes.  Light to medium in body, it is almost steely at this point, with an electric finish that may or may not dim over the next six months.

The Wine Country.
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