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Review The Galtee Mountain Boy Irish Whiskey Aged in Bourbon Casks

The Galtee Mountain Boy Irish Whiskey Aged in Bourbon Casks

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Triple distilled spirit blends together grain, pot and malt whiskies that are aged in double charred bourbon barrels.

If you’re a fan of the music of Patsy O’Halloran, Christy Moore or Paddy Reilly you might have heard of the song The Galtee Mountain Boy. The Irish ballad which makes references to figures of history from the Irish War of Independence and a Civil War is a monologue that follow the narrator after their enlistment and travels from Cork to Dublin. I knew none of this before sitting down with my Representative and trying The Galtee Mountain Boy Irish Whiskey. On the label there is an Irish proverb “A friend’s eye is a good mirror”. Well, if in your friend’s eye they see a bottle of The Galtee Mountain Boy Irish Whiskey you’re in for a good night.

One of the things I really enjoy about Irish Whiskies is that while they are delicate, when done right, they can have a lot of depth to them. The Galtee Mountain Boy is a perfect example of whiskey with depth but nothing overpowering in flavor. Upfront your palate is introduced to a decadent profile of honey coated apples and coco. Savory characteristics like vibrant baking spices and tea leaves balance out the richer flavors from up front very nicely. Softer notes of toffee on the finish bring a roundness to the spirit in flavor and in mouthfeel.  

The Wine Country.
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