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Review Bura-Mrgudic 2018 "Basina" Plavac Mali, Dalmatia Croatia

Bura-Mrgudic 2018 "Basina" Plavac Mali, Dalmatia Croatia

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Bura does amazing things with Croatia’s main red grape Plavac Mali, creating unique, fresh styles of this normally big, tannic red. Their Basina wine delivers all the depth, intensity and earthiness of Plavac but in a much more balanced and elegant style.

It’s rich with great depth but soft and approachable.   The Bura family has one of the longest traditions of winemaking in Dingač and Croatia as a whole, spanning over sixteen generations -- since the year 1410!  Niko Bura’s vineyards are fully organic and are the truest expression of the microclimate and land of Croatia’s southern Dalmatian coast.

The Wine Country.
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