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Review Bennett Bitters "Wild Hunt" 60ml - Forest Hills, NY

Bennett Bitters "Wild Hunt" 60ml - Forest Hills, NY

($18.99 Incl. tax)
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This bitters contains Devil's club root, Icelandic moss, Chamomile, Passionflower, Life Everlasting, Turbinado sugars and herbs. Suggested use is in Daiquiris, Moscow Mule, French 75 or Rob Roy.

An herbal combination that reminds me of Sage, Basil and white pepper all combined into one. Chamomile gives it a little floralness to lighten up the profile, sage like notes seem to linger. And a great thing about Bennett Bitters is that they use ingredients that have benefits to you as well.

Devil's club root- Helps regulate blood sugar, relieves joint paint and supports lung health.

Passionflower- Calms nerves.

Chamomile- Soothes the digestive system and relieves pain.

The Wine Country.
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