A Gourmet Treasure Right Here in Southern California

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A Gourmet Treasure Right Here in Southern California

A few miles west of here in Harbor City, sits an unassuming building where some of the country's finest Spanish food imports and Spanish-style chorizos and hams are created.

The Spanish Flair of La Espanola Meats

If you have been to The Wine Country it is certain that you have seen the wide selection of Spanish cured meats and food items we carry. Most people don’t realize that these delicious meats are made right here in Los Angeles County. La Espanola Meats is a hidden gem right here in our own backyard.


As a buyer, I am fortunate enough to meet all kinds of food people, and getting invited to see the inner workings of this family-started, owned and run business is definitely a highlight.


La Espanola Meats was started by Faraone and her husband Frank in 1982.  Just a year after opening they started importing products from Spain, and now they are an industry leader in importing premium quality, authentic Spanish items.  They import everything from olive oil, cheese, vinegars, canned fish, rice and spices to chocolate covered figs and specialty cookies.


All of their sausages are made on site in their U.S. Department of Agriculture approved plant. They produce up to 1,000 lbs. of sausage per day. Each batch of chorizo is handmade with the upmost care as to maintain top quality and authentic flavor. They have 5 drying rooms that sometimes hold sausages up to 18 months to allow for the purest cure.


While I was walking through this production it dawned on me how much work goes into each individual sausage and I developed an even further appreciation for the Spanish treat. Every sausage, after it has finished curing is hand washed, inspected, wrapped and ready for shipment.


One of the best feelings of this company is that you can feel the love that is put into the product when you eat it. When you taste one of the many chorizos you can taste the love and passion behind it.


Next time you are in, please ask to sample one of these delicious items and you can share my experience.


Chistora  $9.99   

Losada Olives $5.99

Serrano Ham $9.99   

Tortas  $3.99

Torres Potato Chips  $1.99   

Tapas Crackers  $2.99

Chorizo Pamplona  $4.99   

Chorizo Sarta  $5.99

Chorizo Blanco  $5.99   

Chorizo Leon  $8.99

Cigarrillos  $5.99   

Cantimpalitos  $9.99

Egergio Olive Oil $13.99  

Serpis Olives  $3.99

Pujado Solano Anchovies  $9.99


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