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30 Mar 2020 | Samantha Dugan

A Red Wine for Our Favorite Food

All the Way Beaujolais!

“Beaujolais & Bacon!”


The second I saw the broad grin on Randy’s face, I knew we would be seeing one of our monthly fests devoted to these two iconic and often drool-inducing delights.  The first Saturday in March seemed like a nearly perfect fit!  And it was.  Nueske's applewood smoked bacon was a perfect fit with the 12 Beaujolais we served in the good old days when our tasting room was in operation.


To truly appreciate the beauty of Beaujolais first requires looking past the third Thursday of every November dump of commercialism that is Nouveau Beaujolais. Once a fun celebration of harvest, that used to have people lined up the front door of the shop the day of release to load up their carts with cases for the coming holidays.


Now, due to increased freight prices, Nouveau Beaujolais are more expensive then the true, finished wines of Beaujolais. Now, we see a trickle of people stop by over the end of November or early December to toss a curious bottle in their cart.  Can’t say I disagree with consumers voting their wallet, and palates, by searching for more stuffed and affordable wines; the only thing that bothers me is that far too many are looking over Beaujolais in its entirety and that right there, that is a crying shame.


To dismiss, or punish some of the most food friendly, agreeable and palate-refreshing wines on the planet is more like an act of self-palate-flagellation, and we are totally committed to making you stop that.  It is far time for all of you to reacquaint yourselves with the charming, gulpable, generous, friendly wines that nearly every restaurant in France stocks because of how damn delightful they are with a very wide array of foods, from rich sumptuous sauces to the Dijon vinaigrette-dressed salad Lyonnaise with it’s poached egg and nuggets of porky lardon (Bacon)


These wines inspire with their engaging perfume and soothe with their softness of tannin and goodliness.


We’ve all heard the now famous, “Rose All Day” but I’m down with a little more, “Beaujolais All the Way!”

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