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14 Apr 2022 | Jeremy Dugan


Something I have noticed over the last handful of months is that a lot more of our customers are asking about amaros. And not just asking what amaro is but looking for specific amaros and asking about what cocktails they can use amaro in. Meaning “bitter” in Italian, amaros have been seen as a post dinner aid for digestion or a nightcap for any of our bartending customers out there. The fun thing with amaros is that they can taste like anything. Besides having a strong herbal note (usually from gentian root or something along those lines) producers can use whatever they like in their version of amaro. With such a wide variety of flavors in 1 category it can be hard to figure out where to start. But one brand I feel is a great starting point for amaro and one I think works well in a number of cocktails is Amaro Montenegro. Which is why at our next Happy Hour with Jeremy we will be talking about Amaro Montenegro and making some cocktails.

Join me on April 22nd at 6pm as we try Amaro Montenegro and explore what kind of cocktails it goes into. Purchase your Montenegro Kit ($37.99) which includes 4 50ml bottles of Amaro Montenegro, 1 50ml bottle of Malfy Gin, 1 50ml bottle of Balcones Rye, 1 500ml Fever Tree ginger beer and 1 4oz bottle of Angostura aromatic bitters, a glass with The Wine Country logo and a list of the cocktails we will be making (including measurements). Joining us for the event will be a person who has had a long relationship with the store, our Wine Warehouse Sales Representative Ryan Younkers. Ryan has been in the business for over 15 years and is a history buff when it comes to classic cocktails. And with Amaro Montenegro starting back in 1885, it’s safe to say they have some history behind them. Ryan has also helped bars and restaurants all over Long Beach come up with different cocktails ideas using his historical knowledge, so I’m excited to see what suggestions he has for cocktails for you all to try on your own. The three cocktails we will be making on the 22nd are below.

Amaro Montenegro cocktails;

  • The Montenegroni-2oz montenegro, 1oz sweet vermouth, 1oz gin, 2 dashes bitters
  • Monte Mule-2oz montenegro, 3oz ginger beer, 1oz lime juice
  • Monte Manhattan- 1.5oz montenegro, 1.5oz rye whiskey, 3 drops of bitters
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