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30 Aug 2021 | Jeremy Dugan


In the Peruvian Andes you will find the city of Caraz that sits over 7,000 feet above sea level. And in Caraz you will find a distillery called Aqará Agave de los Andes which is making a new kind of Agave Spirit that has caught my attention. Coming from the Quechua word “Qaaray” which means “Place of Agaves”, Aqará uses two native Peruvian agaves; Americana Expansa Gentry and Agave Cordillerenis and blends them to make two expressions; a Plateado and Reposado.

Much like what you’ll find in tasting different agaves from around Mexico, these two native Peruvian agaves have such character!  The unique mouthfeel, the floralness, the vibrancy of vegetal flavors.  The spirits have flavors that are similar to other agave spirits you may have encountered, but will also stand out on its own.  Somewhere between a Tequila and a Pisco is where you’ll find Aqará Agave de los Andes.

With the agave shortages that are starting to appear in Mexico, I think it is really cool to see a country like Peru using natural resources around them to make their own mark in the agave world.  And the individuals behind Aqará are looking ahead to try to ensure there is plenty of Peruvian agave in the future. For every agave plant they harvest, they are planting three. Making sure that once the world sees how awesome this distillate is, there will be more to enjoy.

Aqará Agave de Los Andes Plateado Agave Spirit, Peru

Your palate is introduced to a soft floral coating mouthfeel that is familiar to those who drink Pisco. Fresh nectarine along with more floral orange blossom and a hint of dried hay brings on a combination of fresh and earthy that can sometimes be found in other agave distillates. Delicate notes of soil and minerality on the finish help the orange blossom floralness to linger.

$46.99 per bottle


Aqará Agave de Los Andes Agave Spirit Reposado, Peru

Vibrant notes of baking spice hit your palate up front along with the floral-ness the Plateado expression has.  The floral-ness again leads to a subtle coating mouthfeel allowing hints of dark chocolate and toffee to come out, results of the four months in new American oak. Baking spice comes out again at the end, creating a long finish.

$62.99 per bottle

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