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01 Dec 2021 | Jeremy Dugan


In downtown Waco Texas, in a building that was once known as the Texas Fireproof Storage Co. now sits Balcones Whiskey Distillery. These craft distillers really put thought into every part of their process. Whether it’s growing their own barley so they could be the first Texas distillery to use Texas grown malted barley, working with New Mexico farmers to make sure they are getting top quality Blue Corn or going all the way to Scotland to get their Pot Stills from Forsyths who have made stills for brands like Woodford Reserve, Appleton Rum and Suntory. They even work with multiple species of oak and use different toast levels on the barrels to help deal with the intense heat in Texas that causes some Distilleries to lose up to 30% of the Whiskey that goes into their barrels. I for one love when you can taste the effort that people put into their products. One of the advantages of working with a lot of Craft Distilleries is being able to taste that work and see what really does differentiate those smaller distilleries from the big ones. And with the line of Whiskies we have from Balcones, I believe you’ll be able to taste the difference too.

Last month we put on our last Happy Hour with Jeremy zoom event for 2021 and had Alex Elrod of Balcones on the call with us. Alex was so informative and the whiskies we tasted were so enjoyable, I have been told by multiple customers who attended that it was their favorite of the year. And while going through the 4 expressions of the Balcones (Bourbon, Baby Blue corn whiskey, single malt and rye) I had the same reaction to one particular expression from the Waco distillery; “This rye is phenomenal”.

Distilled in a Pot Still, this is a combination of Elbon Rye, Crystal, Chocolate and Roasted rye. The 4 rye varieties together create a flavor profile that taste like Mole in the bottle! Bold dark chocolate, cinnamon and pepper up front give this whiskey robust characteristics. Floral rye adds a lightness before more dark chocolate and malted chocolate coats the palate. This really does taste like a Mole dish, just rich and spicy, floral and robust. One of the most unique rye whiskies I have had.

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