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28 Jun 2021 | Jeremy Dugan


We Californians love to represent our state.  And how could we not?  Up and down the coast you can find the weather that best suits you.  You can find any outdoor activity you could imagine and visit cities likes San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles anytime you want.  Even those who leave will make sure their new neighbors and friends know what part of the Golden State they are from.

So, when Kurt Charron, a 3rd generation Californian, decided to make a liqueur, he wanted to use ingredients local to the state we love to represent.  And he wanted to name it after the two people that brought his family to California:  his Grandfather Arthur Emile Charron and his Grandmother Florence Marie Favreau (Charron + Favreau).  

What Kurt has made in Chareau is a liqueur that is great for mixing with cocktails, or something you can just throw club soda/tonic water in and enjoy on its own.  

Over the weekend I was at a beach birthday event and thought a batched cocktail would be a nice addition to the festivities.  Equal parts Tequila Blanco and Chareau Aloe Liqueur, juice from 1 lime and Fever Tree lemon tonic water was all I needed, and it was a hit!  The freshness of the Chareau brings a vibrancy that makes it very versatile; it can go with tequila (as mentioned above), gin, vodka, white rum and even pisco.

Aloe Vera, cucumber, peels from lemon, muskmelon, spearmint, and California grape-based eau de vie are what make up Chareau California Aloe Liquor.  All these ingredients work together to make a perfect California liqueur for a California summer.  A bright pop of mint and notes of refreshing cucumber create a profile that makes your taste buds say "Wow, that's fresh!".  A nice coating mouthfeel allows the freshness of the liqueur to really take center stage.  Aloe and hints of lemon peel help elongate the freshness.  Considering how clean and refreshing the flavors in the liqueur are, I’m thinking it could go great with some puréed fruit too, strawberries, peach, watermelon, orange and guava.  

The options are almost as limitless as the activities you can do in California this summer.

$43.99 per bottle

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