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26 Mar 2024 | Samantha Dugan



Did you know that bestselling author, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times food critic, six-time James Beard Award winning, former editor of Gourmet magazine, Ruth Reichl has a new novel coming out?

 Did you know she will be here, in Long Beach, doing a book signing to launch her new book at The Art Theater on 4th with Kitchen Lingo bookstore?

 Did you know that we, The Wine Country, have teamed up with Alder & Sage restaurant, also on 4th, where we, along with Aline Thiebaut of Aline Wines, will be doing an oyster and Chablis event before the book signing?


Stella reached for an oyster, tipped her head and tossed it back. It was cool and slippery the flavor so briny it was like diving into the ocean…oysters, she thought, where have they been all my life?” - from Ruth Reichl’s new novel, The Paris Novel, an adventure of food, art, and fashion in 1980s Paris.



Do you want to know how to get in on either of these two wicked cool events? Pretty easy, just click the links below and get those reservations in! Limited availability so be sure to sign up ASAP.



Date May 14th 2024

Time- Alder & Sage Chablis and Oysters with Samantha Dugan and Aline Thiebaut 5:30-7:00 PM reservations here 

Book signing and Q&A with Ruth Reichl 7:00 PM Preorder the book and make reservations for the book signing here


I personally fell in love with Ruth’s writing decades ago and have been known to snuggle into the corner of my couch and devour one of her books like a woman starving. Fed by her comforting storytelling, hungry for the smells, sounds and flavors coming from the pages of a culinary sensualist. I was hooked and when I heard she was having a book signing, in Long Beach, and we were invited to be involved, I knew it was meant to be. Hope to see lots of you there!

Sorry they should be there now!
Kevin Lepisto - 28 Mar 2024 - 00:38
Where are the links?
Jane Pade - 28 Mar 2024 - 00:23
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