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04 Dec 2022 | Jeremy Dugan


Anyone who has spent time talking American Whiskey with me in our Spirits Department has heard me talk about Redwood Empire. And if you've been in the Spirits Department with me and have allowed me to talk real geeky with you, you have heard me talk about Bottled in Bond Whiskey. As I like to say; Bottled in Bond Whiskies are the closest you can get to a single vintage Whiskey because by law everything in a bottle labeled Bottled in Bond must all come from the same season, same distillery and all barreled in the same season. And with a minimum requirement of 4 years aging in barrel, you can also get a feeling of what the Whiskey itself went through during the aging. Earlier this year during our May Happy Hour with Jeremy  we got to zoom with Jeff Duckhorn, Master Distiller for Redwood Empire, and then not too long after that Jeff was visiting stores here in Southern California and stopped by to say hello. Jeff also came down with some samples of new products including the 2022 Grizzly Beast. 

Distilled and barreled in the spring of 2017, this 100% Sonoma County Bourbon (with a mashbill of 66% corn, 23% rye, 7% wheat and 4% malted barley) has a lot more fruit characteristics than the 2021 Grizzly Beast did. Cherries and bold wood spice coat the palate, the fruit gives the spirit a richness while the wood spice works on balancing out what can be perceived as sweetness. These flavors lead to a savory floral rye note that lingers on the taste buds. A hint of coco adds depth and gives the Bourbon just a little more richness. Soft red apple fruit on the finish rounds out the flavors bringing a freshness that leaves the palate wanting more.

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