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05 Jan 2024 | Martha Quijano


It's January! Happy New Year!! A lot of people were going crazy for eggnog this past holiday season, so crazy that I kept hearing how other stores sold out. Well, we still have some here at The Wine Country to satisfy that longing for eggnog.

Working in grocery retail for over 15 years has allowed me to notice how people will wait until the holidays for their eggnog fix because it’s seasonal and limited, but once the holidays are over they stop drinking it almost as if they're forced to. People people people its not like having to take off the Christmas decorations immediately after New Years. It comes around one season every year so why not use every last drop of it.  That's why I say why not extend the holiday cheer and continue to have some?! The eggnog bliss is still here at The Wine Country and it has inspired me to find the two best eggnog dessert recipes to enjoy in this nostalgic holiday extension. So grab a favorite rum, and Broguiere’s Eggnog ($5.99 each, BLOWOUT SALE!), put on your ugly Christmas sweater (or DON'T) and let's get baking cause I still hear jingle bells and they are ringing for eggnog.

This eggnog recipe is brought to you by Lyuba Brooke in Will Cook for Smiles, The Best of Home Cooking.

I’ve never made a home-made cheesecake before yet alone with eggnog, but this recipe is very easy to follow. I will update this post with my results down below. 


Eggnog Cheesecake Recipe:

You will need the following:


Now, the second best recipe to use with eggnog is inspired by a sweet potato pie that takes me back to Thanksgiving of last year. In 2023 I fell in love with my partner’s sister’s sweet potato pie. I still crave it to this day and I have even asked for her recipe but I’ve been told it’s a secret. So now I will have to wait for the holidays, or a super special occasion, so that I can try it again. However, I have been inspired to make something to call my own and combine Thanksgiving and Christmas into this dessert. What better way to do that than with sweet potatoes and eggnog!! Down below is another recipe brought to you by Melina Land from


Eggnog Sweet Potato Pie Recipe: 

You will need the following:

Ingredients: ( please note: I will be making this my own style so I will NOT be adding all that sugar because the Broguiere Eggnog is thick and sweet and it doesn't need it, but if you're using a different eggnog that isn't so sweet, I recommend following the recipe in the given link)

I like reading and following home-cooked blogs and websites and I found this easy to follow fun recipe for this dessert.

Now you don’t have to use all that eggnog just for baking. You can also put the leftover eggnog into an ice tray and freeze them up to make an eggnog iced latte. 

And as you're cooking up these wonderful desserts. You can enjoy a nice spiked eggnog with Spirits Specialist Jeremy Dugan's past holiday rum & eggnog duo picks. 

Well that's all I have for now folks. I wish you all a Happy New Year!!

Peace and Love my friends.

-Martha Quijano

*Beautiful illustrations brought to you by Claire Mclaughlin

Love eggnog, I will definitely try this recipe:-)
Laura Sandoval - 12 Jan 2024 - 04:45
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