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15 May 2023 | Jessica Martinez

FLANEUR WINES: Essence of Oregon


Flaneur Wines is a true reflection of the amazing quality you can get from Oregon Wines. These wines just have the true essence of what Oregon wines can and should be. Tasting through the line-up took me right back back to my biology class probably my 2nd year of college, just standing in the rainy forest of Oregon looking around me like I was on the planet of Endor. A light mist in the air and the smell of moss and mushrooms and an overall essence of freshness. 

I hear all the time from Old World wines fans that they have a hard time with wines of the New World because they are missing the sense of place. This entire line-up of wines, whites and reds screams “I AM FROM OREGON” from first to last sip. If you want to get to know what in my opinion is a great brand to represent the essence of Oregon I would give a few of these a try. 

“Flâneur is a leisurely wanderer, a worldly explorers, a connoisseur of life the word comes from 19th century france. The idea captures at it’s essence that the mind functions best at a slow pace and that curiosity can uncover a life of significance. Passionate artisans joined together by the desire to slow down and observe the world and create delicious wines. “

The winery has been composed of a group of people that believe in the idea that winemaking doesn’t need frills. They understand the nuances of the wines and the complexity of a single grape. Attention to detail and an appreciation for the terroir. T everyone shares a deep application of nature and the beauty it brings to both wine and life. 

33 acres of vines planted in 2014. Volcanic soils. This vineyard produces wines with floral notes that cling to acidity and tells the story of the orchard fruits that once grew there. 

Flaneur N.V. Sparkling Brut, Willamette Valley $41.99

This Brut blend of 52% Pinot Noir, 17% Chardonnay and 31% Pinot Meunier make a playful wine exemplifying plush texture and incredible balance. Certainly adding to its vivacious personality, is the kiss of La Belle Promenade Aligoté that was chosen to finish the wine at dosage. Its rich stone fruit character, kiss of sweetness and grounding minerality

Flaneur 2019 Chardonnay, Willamette Valley $24.99

A great testament to Oregon Chardonnay. This wine is a great addition to our Oregon wines. Bright Fresh acidity with citrus and honeysuckle on the notes balanced by a hint of toast on the finish. Zippy acidity that drives the wine and warm citrus notes on the finish. 

Flaneur Wines 2021 Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley$27.99

Aromas are pronounced with abundant cherry, ripe strawberry, raspberry and earthy nuances of Oregon forest floor. Flavors mirror the aromas with subtle and appealing flavors of thyme and Christmas spice. Fresh and young but balanced, this Willamette Valley Pinot Noir has elegance with enough complexity built by fine tannins and age-worthy acidity.

Flaneur 2020 Chardonnay Constantin, Willamette Valley$47.99

Tasting Notes: Intriguing aromas of lemon meringue, lime rind, pear, and wool, play with hints of caramelized coconut flakes and almond flour. Flavors of classic lemon curd, quince, ripe pear and yellow apples remind us of the orchard fruits that once called the hillsides of La Belle Promenade home. Beautifully complex texture and fresh acidity have us convinced this wine is ready to release as it will pair well with this season’s fresh fall flavors and cooling temperatures.
Vineyard Notes
100% La Belle Promenade Vineyard | Chehalem Mountains AVA | 700 - 800’ Elevation | Northeastern & Southwestern Exposure | Volcanic Soils, Jory & Nekia | Planted to Mixed Pinot Noir Clones | La Belle Promenade Vineyard is planted to 36 acres of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Grüner Veltliner and Aligoté. It sits on top of volcanic soils, with the western portion of the site consisting of a thick layer of fractured basalt. Due in part to its high elevation, this site allows for great diversity in concert with our other estate vineyard, Flanerie.

Flaneur 2018 Pinot Noir Cuvee Constantin, Willamette Valley $47.99

Cuvée Constantin is a nod to one of the great Flâneurs. In his essay "The Painter of Modern Life", Charles Boudelaire writes of a journalist turned street painter, a fixture on the sprawling promenades of Paris: Constantin Guys. As Constantin would wander the streets, searching for inspiration, our winemaker, Grant, walks the cellar to put together this cuvée every year.

Tasting Notes: The nose leads with earthy notes of roasted mushroom, forest floor and spice following through with dark red fruits. The generous palate dances with lively acidity and chewy, ripe tannins. The palate is complete with complex flavors of red fruits, tea leaf and earth, showcasing the character of the two vineyards this wine is composed of.

68% La Belle Promenade Vineyard (Chehalem Mountains AVA) & 32 % Flanerie Vineyard (Ribbon Ridge AVA)

Flaneur 2019 Chardonnay, La Belle Promenade Vineyard, Willamette Valley $57.99

Baking spice, vanilla custard and sweet tapioca play with aromas of Meyer lemon, citrus rind and floral honeysuckle. On the palate a pronounced briny salinity leads into flavors of grapefruit, lemon lime citrus, kumquat and a touch of cedar. The plate showcases racy mouthwatering acid, medium body with age-worthy structure and a lengthy finish.

La Belle Promenade Vineyard is comprised of 33 acres of vines planted in 2014. The vineyard is home to volcanic soils ranging in diversity from a thick layer of fractured basalt in our shallow rooted southwestern blocks and deeper volcanic Saum soils in the southeastern corner of the vineyard. The crops we harvest from La Belle Promenade produce characteristic floral notes that cling to acidity and tell the story of the orchard fruits that once grew here.

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