Getting Ready for Autumn

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Getting Ready for Autumn

Leaf Peepers.


Leaf peepers are folks who travel around the country marveling at nature's vivid art show each fall.  New England gets the most attention this time of year, but you can see vivid colors almost everywhere deciduous forests exist.


Closer to home, vineyards also put on a show of color this time of year, as bright green leaves turn a myriad of oranges and reds and purples.  It signals the end of the harvest, and the beginning of another vintage in the tank, barrel and cask.


What will this year bring?  Will its wines be as good as last year's?


Each fall brings the promise of pleasure to come, even though the travails of the growing season may have tested the faith, tenacity and creativity of the vigneron.  How much hail, how many pests, sun at the wrong time, frost anytime.  Job would completely get it.


We wine lovers should take a moment each fall to reflect on the sacrifices these hearty souls have made for us.  Perhaps it would lead us to even more appreciation for the wine in our glasses--no matter its cost.


Fall is also time to begin our annual celebrations--football, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Beaujolais, Thanksgiving, holiday parties, boat parades, and bright lights everywhere.  It is the time to share, to enjoy life, to create surprises and to indulge a bit.  It's chillier, so wrap up and pour your guests and you something grand.


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