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02 Feb 2021 | Samantha Dugan


“Yes, I am looking for a wine--a wine for a lady.”  Almost always uttered by a man, in a whispering tone.  

More often than not, these guys are thinking sweeter wine, because you know, we ladies can’t keep our little hands off the bonbons, liquid or otherwise.  As a woman with a near zero tolerance for sweetness, (Randy is forever teasing me because I put salt on my fruit and eat lemons, with salt, straight), and as an observer of how women really shop and drink, I have always found the comment, shall we say, condescending.  

Nothing wrong with sweet wine mind you, but to assume a woman would prefer one style of wine because of her gender as if she is a beginner in some way, well yeah, it’s devoid of reality.  Since we got those rights to drive and vote, we have gleefully been splashing about in the liquor pond too!


All nark aside, 78% of wine purchased in The United States is purchased by women, and we have seen a huge shift in the number of female winemakers over the past two decades.

So the ladies have been around rocking it for a very long time, and it is about time we start giving credit where credit is due.

Jen Pelka of New York and San Francisco’s famed Champagne bar The Riddler, started Une Femme as a celebration of women, named for women and made by women, and as a store that has had, since its opening, an extraordinarily strong female presence, we could not be more thrilled to introduce you all to  Une Femme.

Each year a large donation from Une Femme is made to Dress For Success, a foundation that helps female empowerment through economic independence with a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in the workplace.  Une Femme has also partnered with Tree Sisters, where some of the proceeds from each bottle of wine goes to slowing climate change by planting trees.  Une Femme wishes to, “become the go-to drink for smashing glass slippers and glass ceilings”

I happen to think that is simply badass, but I assure you, this is not just a brand, the wines are exceptionally good in their class and are wines I would have been happy to stock--female empowerment or not.  Lucky for many of us, these wines are damn cool on every front.

2020 Une Femme Piquette, Sonoma, California

Such a fun introduction to the Une Femme lineup!  Piquette is becoming a word we are hearing more often these days as it has been “discovered” by the natural wine crowd, but in truth, Piquette has been around for centuries. Once known as “workers’ wine”, Piquette is made by adding water to grape pomace (the leftover skins and seeds from winemaking) after the initial wine is made.  The water and pomace begin to ferment again, and a lighter, lower alcohol wine is created.  At one time this was what field workers would be given to drink.  Made from 100% organic Pinot Meunier from Sonoma County and clocking in at a whopping 10% alcohol, this light-colored, and light-bodied reddish wine is just fun, tart and super refreshing.  Think picnic wine.  2,000 bottles made, by Samantha Sheehan of POE Winery.

$21.99 per bottle

N.V. Une Femme The Callie California Sparkling Brut Rosé

Another offering from Samantha Sheehan of POE winery. We first sampled her sparkling wine prowess when we tasted and stocked her sparkling Cabernet Franc under the Ultraviolet label, so we were totally down to give Une Femme The Callie a spin. Made from 42% Pinot Noir, 39% Mourvedre and 19% Chardonnay this is a Brut Rose all about freshness. Loaded with apple skin on the nose with notes of red berries and a touch of creamy caramel. Nice fine bead and not weighted down by too much toast. Really full flavored with a snappy, crisp finish.

$22.99 per bottle

N.V. Une Femme The Juliette Champagne Brut

The champagnes from Gonet-Medeville are in no way strangers to us here at The Wine Country. In fact, many years ago, Gonet-Medeville Blanc de Noir was one of my Wines of the Year. Very familiar with the wines and the people behind it--Xavier and Julie Gonet are truly lovely people making world-class Champagne.  The Juliette is made by Gonet-Medeville from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir of both 1er Cru and Grand Cru quality.  This is your classic style champagne, deep, nutty, stone fruit wrapped in a buttery dough.  Tiny, tiny bubbles glade across the palate and leave in their wake the loveliest finish of red apples, scalded cream and nuts.

$66.99 per bottle

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