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08 May 2024 | Samantha Dugan


Hello, my name is Samantha, and I am a confessed and unapologetic pickle aficionado, aka, a pickle freak. I seek pucker pleasure on the daily, and delight in everything pickled from fruit to onions and nearly all the things in-between, but it is with the classic, cucumber pickle that my true love lies.

Now, I chose the word aficionado on purpose. This is to assure you that it is with as much vigor and scrutinization, passion and obsession that I research and taste wine, the same is true of my briny, crunchy beloveds.  Wholes, spears, chips, I’ve had them all, and I have them shipped to my home from all over the United States.  I’ve spent years, much like my wine studies, learning, discovering and at times, swooning over whichever small, artisan pickle producer showed up on my stoop.

It was during one of these deep dive pickle investigations that I happened upon Kaylin + Kaylin Pickles, from right here in Los Angeles.

I must have been bored scrolling on Instagram or something, and with all the pickle products I have purchased in the past, my feed is often awash in preserved veggie goodness.  But something about Kaylin + Kaylin really caught my eye. I clicked on their page to find that right there, in their stand at the famed 3rd Street Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, they offer not only a variety of pickles for purchase, but you can also actually buy a pickle flight. Let me say that again, you can buy a pickle flight and taste a sampling of the pickles on offer.

I mean, come on. A wine nerd that pours flights of wine, a self-professed pickle devotee could get a pickle flight?! I am pretty sure I heard harps and angels singing. I popped online and bought a few jars to sample with the staff, and to take home for my daily snacking desires.  Staff and I destroyed that first delivery at an embarrassing rate. Turns out, with pickles this good, I had a team of coworkers willing to confess, “Hello, my name is________ and I am a pickle freak”

The average American eats around 9 pounds of pickles a year, (some of us do our extra share by eating the discarded pickles from the puckered face haters) add to that the globalization of food and people are being exposed to more and more pickled versions of things, and the global market for pickles in 2023 was 11.8 billion dollars, the projected number for 2030, 15.2 billion.  A growing market to be sure, one that comes with all sorts of accoutrements, like pickle earrings, stuffed or crochet emotional support pickles, lip balms, body spray, candles and more.

We are all in on a great pickle and I am here to tell you, Scott Kaylin is making some of the best I have ever had.

Scott worked in the fashion industry in New York for 3o years, he then moved out to the West Coast to, “Live my best life,” but one thing was glaringly missing…he couldn’t find any good local pickles. Industrious, and devoted pickle lover that he is, he knew one way to solve that problem, make them yourself.

And Kaylin + Kaylin was born.

He now has a storefront at the 3rd Street Farmer’s Market, he ships all over, and Kayin + Kaylin just reached 40.4K followers on Instagram.

I have personally worked my way through the entire line, boxes greedily torn into the second they arrive. Jars lining my refrigerator door, my pudgy hand or a nearby fork thieving zesty spears to snack on while I’m cooking, a few pickle chips slipped onto a napkin, while in my jammies, with some pretzels and my midnight snack is elevated to sheer joy.

But don’t go thinking I begged Scott to let us stock his pickles in our food department for me. No, this is for you, my fellow pickle squad, I am doing this for you!

Scott was kind enough to take us on as a retail partner even though he wasn’t really looking to add another; I can only hope that is was my whimpering emails that convinced him. Those pickles have a home that will love them very much. Savor them as Scott intended. He agreed, and here we are, the only store outside a couple shops up in Los Angeles that have these incredible pickles.

We have a small inaugural batch coming in this week and I could not be more excited. DO NOT sleep on the honey mustard, people.  I am not kidding, this comes from a, “Don’t really like honey mustard” gal, these are insanely addictive and I eat a few nearly every night. Think sandwiches, pulled pork, something truly unique on a relish or charcuterie tray, anyway you can have them, have them.

Pickles Arriving May 10th

32oz Jars, whole or spears- Classic Dill & Garlic Spears $16.99

32oz Jars, pickle chips- Honey Mustard, Jalapeno, Sweet Heat & Spicy Dill $18.99

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