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10 May 2023 | Kevin Lepisto


A few weeks ago Samantha posed the question to all of us here "if you only could drink wine from one wine region for the rest of your life, what would it be?"  As we pondered the question, she quickly responded that for her it was the Loire Valley of France mostly because of the diversity of wines.  You might have seen her recent blog post about it.  A great answer I thought, and tempting for me to concur as I love those wines too.  I often get asked a similar question from customers; "what is your favorite wine or wine region?" It is always difficult for me to answer, mostly because I really love all kinds of wine, I'm lucky enough to experience a lot of wines, and my preferences change depending on what I’m pairing the wine with or even just what I think sounds good in the moment.   But my answer to Samantha, if I really had to narrow it down to one wine region, would be Piedmont Italy.  Piedmont consistently offers me more variety, styles and new discoveries than any other wine region.  Located in northwest Italy at the foot of the Swiss Alps, Piedmont is one of Italy’s most acclaimed wine regions, famous for producing two of the world’s greatest Nebbiolo based wines; Barolo and Barbaresco.  But Piedmont is also one of Italy’s most diverse wine regions, producing a wider range of both white and red wines than any other region.  In fact Piedmont has more protected wine classifications (DOC’s, DOCG’s) than any other region in Italy.  Just this one province offers some of Italy’s greatest dry white wines like Gavi and Arneis, light chillable reds like Grignolino, every day dinner red wines like the fruit forward Barbera and Dolcetto, sparkling wines (dry and sweet), and as I mentioned before two of the world’s most alluring wines; Barbaresco and Barolo.  You could easily dive deeper into just these few wines I've mentioned and discover an incredibly wide range of different styles from different producers.  It would be very difficult to become bored with the wines of Piedmont and I could probably find a couple that I wouldn't mind sipping for eternity.

For an opportunity to experience the brilliant wines of Piedmont, join me next Friday night, July 19th, when I pour classic examples of some of Piedmont's most celebrated wines.  7:30pm $50 inc. tax. For reservations click here

Here's a sneak peak of some of the wines I'll be pouring: $83.99  $25.99  $24.99  $40.99







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