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10 Jun 2022 | Jeremy Dugan


Inspired by Mexico’s post-revolutionary period called “Maximato”, Severo Tequila is using estate grown agave to make libations from a family recipe going back almost 100 years. And just like how their ancestors did not mix anything into their tequilas, Severo is a non-additive brand leading to them making clean and flavorful tequilas that don’t need to be mixed or chased with salt or lime. Three generations of distillation is the driving force of Severo Tequila and with product like this, there is no reason there won’t be another six generations keeping the family recipe alive. We are currently carrying three expressions from Severo; Plata, Reposado and Añejo.

Severo Plata $47.99 per bottle

Rested for six months in stainless before bottling, Severo Plata has enough depth to sip on its own. A slight herbal funkiness greets your palate while a vibrant note of citrus brings some vibrancy. Fresh Agave herbal flavors, cracked pepper being the biggest, add another layer of depth to the Tequila. A more unique mouthfeel than most blancos, somewhat reminds me of a juicy red apple.

Severo Reposado $58.99 per bottle

Aged for ten months in new oak this Reposado has a coating mouthfeel that brings to mind toasted vanilla. There is also a slightly smokey characteristic that is present throughout, but never overpowers the flavors of the Agave. Floral Agave and hints of black pepper give the Tequila a freshness before rich notes of butterscotch and chocolate come out on the finish and round out the spirit.

Severo Añejo $72.99 per bottle

Aged in American white oak barrels for eighteen months this Añejo has the biggest flavor of the three expressions but remains balanced and true to the brand. Dark chocolate and subtle roasted coffee bring a rich and robust flavor profile. Caramel gives it more richness and coats the taste buds a bit. Bolder black pepper on finish gives it that traditional Agave flavor and lingers.

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