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01 Feb 2022 | Jessica Martinez


This isn’t a cold case, this is an ongoing investigation into what the heck you are going to drink this weekend! I know I have this issue a lot when picking wine for the week: food plans have not been solidified, the climate can be wonky and I just never know what I am in the mood for.

I like to play a game with my fellow coworkers at the end of the day where I ask them to pick me a bottle (generally not too pricy) of something I should try. It catches them by surprise every time, but it is always a fun experience. They know what I like, and things I generally gravitate towards, so they always have great suggestions for me. We would like to play this same game with our customers!

Whether it is the first time you are walking into the store or the 10th, we know that’s the extensive selection of wines we carry can be overwhelming. A lot of them are constantly rotating or changing vintages, making it hard to hone in on what one is looking for. We don’t do this on purpose it is just the nature of the industry.

Fear not! We have specialists for every department that will help guide you to whatever you might be looking for. We have decided to extend and offer to all of our customers a service that Samantha Dugan (French, Sparkling and Rose specialist) has been doing for customers for years: curating custom cases of wine based on your palate and budget. If you have been shopping here for a while, chances are we have a good idea of the types of wine you enjoy and new things we think you would like to try.

If you are a new customer, we will get an idea of what you like by asking you a set of questions to get you started on the Adventure that is The Wine Country. We will ask you questions about stylistic preferences, regions you enjoy, price points you want to stay in, pretty easy stuff like that. Then we are off to find your perfect bottle. Or you could just go for the mystery pack and we will give you a wide range of wines (a budget is still required). I would highly suggest the mystery pack for our newer customers so you can try a range of things to really test out what your stylistic preference might be.

We will pick out however many bottles you would like us to. Best way to go about this service is giving the store a call (562) 597-8303 and speak to one of our specialists. They are veterans of the wine industry who are ready to take you by the hand and show you the wonders of our store. From the nerdy semi-oxidized wines of the Jura to the depth of an Argentinian Malbec. 

This service extends to any section of our store. Collectively, we can help make you a spirits box, a personal six-pack, a natural wine box, or, though none of us are cheese-mongers, we can help you selected some delicious cheeses and charcuterie.

Another great feature we have at the store is the ability to keep a personal shopping history. We like to keep a record of the wines we pick out for people so you know what you have received and so we don't repeat wines (unless asked). If you want to participate in this, you just have to tell us at checkout in the store, or save yourself as a customer when you checkout online.

Besides our gorgeously curated wines, what sets our store apart is our seasoned professionals who can provide for any palate and price point. We hope this will be a great opportunity for some of our customers to get to know us and maybe try some interesting wines they might not pick out on average. 

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