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21 Jul 2021 | Jeremy Dugan


“I was born here and have always lived here. I like to make my wines in the Piedmontese tradition (using cement and oak). Based on the characteristic white earth and the minerality of the soils I aim to make subtle wines. I like wines that are interesting, easy to drink, and hopefully elegant, fresh, crisp and vibrant.I am in the process of extending our range with new wines made from abandoned old Piedmontese varieties like Slarina and Baratuciat.”--Fabrizio Iuli


Fabrizio Iuli was born and raised in Piedmont, Italy. His goal of making subtle wines with interesting profiles has led him to making wines with abandoned Piedmont varieties like Baratuciat and Slarina. Working with 15 acres, 9 of which are his, in the Lower Monferrato area, Fabrizio has vineyards around the villages of Cerrina Monferrato, Odalengo, Sala Monferrato and Quarti di Pontestura. With these 15 acres he is making some elegant wines that stand out on their own without needing to be big extracted flavors.  


2019 Iuli Vino Bianco “Barat”, Monferrato, Piedmont

The Baratuciat grape is indigenous to the Val di Susa and the first abandoned grape Fabrizio decided to plant in 2015 because he felt the high acidity of the grape allowed for an expressive style. In a common slang around the Val di Susa, Baratuciat refers to a certain part of a male that that resembles the shape the grapes grow into. The 2019 vintage was rested in cement for 2 months before bottling. The result is a vibrant wine with bright minerality, and crisp citrus notes. Mostly grapefruit is what pops out the most, with a subtle herbal savory aspect as well.

$21.99 per bottle


2019 Iuli Vino Rosso “La Rina”, Monferrato, Piedmont

The second abandoned grape Fabrizio planted (in 2013) Slarina is a lighter floral grape that would be in the category of “chillable red”. Aged for 6-8 months in cement before bottling this wine has some tart red fruit (cranberry, raspberry) characteristics with subtle minerality. Softer tannins really allow the fruit to be the star while balancing out the acidity of the minerality. After the tannins settle, there is a floral, almost rose petal lightness to the finish.

$21.99 per bottle


2018 Iuli Vino Rosso “Natalin”, Monferrato, Piedmont

A nod to Fabrizio’s Grandfather, Giacchino Natale also known as Natalin, Fabrizio has made this 100% Grignolino since it was his grandfather’s favorite wine. Fabrizio replanted the vines in 2016 on the same hillside his grandfather originally planted.  Aged for 6-8 months in cement before bottling, the ode to grand poppa is a great combination and balance of tart fruit and red fruit. Dark cherry and raspberry, plums and cranberry. This balancing act is done with the finesse of Charles Blondin walking from skyscraper to skyscraper on a tightrope. Since there isn’t a whole lot of tannic structure, the fruit is truly able to shine.

$21.99 per bottle


2018 Iuli Vino Rosso “Nino”, Monferrato, Piedmont

Inspired by what was coming out of Burgundy, Fabrizio decided to plant Pinot Noir in 1999 and see how it grew in Monferrato. He calls the wine Nino because to him the vines are still young and childish, just finding their way. What surprised me the most about this wine was how much dark fruit was in it. Black cherries, plums, subtle notes of blackberries, all rich fruit but thanks to the acidity, none of it coats the palate or seems extracted. This wine is a great example of the mindset Fabrizio has when making wine; elegant and light with enough going on because he is using good, healthy grapes.

$21.99 per bottle

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