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Review Bodegas Gratias "Y Tu De Quien Eres" 2022 Tinto, Spain

Bodegas Gratias "Y Tu De Quien Eres" 2022 Tinto, Spain

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This is a fun project from the folks at Bodegas Gratias. The winery buys grapes from their neighbors (literal neighbors, not another winery) some of which have vines that are over 100 years old in their backyards.

Bobal is for sure the main grape of this wine, but some of these folks don’t know the actual identity of their grapes so it’s a mystery to all. The picture on the label is from the first time Bodegas Gratias made the wine 10 years ago. The wine is co-fermented and rested in amphora for 6 months before bottling. There is a soft carbonic mouthfeel to the profile, bright red plums, figs, and blackberries hit the palate first. Light minerality and hints of vegetal characteristics assist in keeping the profile light and give the wine a little bit of that natural “crunchy” profile that can be found in carbonic macerated wines.

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