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Copalli White Rum, Belize

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Made with Organic sugar cane that is grown 2 miles from the distillery, Copalli is all about sustainability from using captured rain water as their water source to purchasing 100s of acres of land to protect the forest around them.

75% of this Rum is made in a Column still while the other 25% is made in a Pot still. The use of the Pot Still is to give the Belize distillate a little bit more roundness and it shows. A nice coating mouthfeel pours over your taste buds while traditional Agricole style Rum herbal "funkiness" brings an earthiness to the spirit. A light vegetal note with hints of minerality as well add to the depth of this unaged Rum. This would be a great Rum for any cocktail requiring a White Rum, but also thanks to the mouthfeel and layers of flavors, you can also enjoy it on the rocks. 

The Wine Country.
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