Luneta  Five Bottle (50ml) Tasting Kit
Luneta  Five Bottle (50ml) Tasting Kit

Luneta Five Bottle (50ml) Tasting Kit


A great way to try all available expressions from the Luneta Wild Agave line.

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Mexicano- Lighter smoke and very green. There is a unique floralness that is distinctive to the Mexicano species of Agave. A real pretty Agave Spirit.

Papalometl- Lighter smokiness to this with some freshness and almost baking spice like qualities. Black pepper comes out more on the finish, with some subtle notes of leather.

Tobala- A very Fresh spirit, subtle smokiness throughout without every taking over. Notes of black pepper of vegetal agave leaf along with a salinity in the mouthfeel great a fresh feeling. A touch of soil gives it a earthiness while a light floral characteristic balances it out.

Cuishe- Vegetal up front, notes of black pepper and subtle stone fruit. The soft smoke up front becomes a little more robust on the finish causing a drying of the palate. This causes the black pepper to come out more on the finish.

Verde + Chino- Very vibrant notes of lemon and lime peel up front bring a raciness to this Agave spirit. Savory notes of green and black pepper add layers of character to the libation while hints of soil and the agaves themselves add a freshness on the finish. This is all wrapped up with a subtle smokiness through out.

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