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Review Vinovore "SSSupermoon" Red, 100% Centesimino, Italy

Vinovore "SSSupermoon" Red, 100% Centesimino, Italy

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This wine can do everything; need something to pair with meat, check. Need something you can enjoy on your own, check. Want to chill it down and really get that fruity flavor to pop, check.

Made at Azienda Agricola Randi in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, this wine is 100% Centesimino. While the wine is dry on the finish, there is a lot of fruit and richness to it as well. Rich notes of black cherries and boysenberries coat the palate. Floral rose petal characteristics help the profile stay light. Hints of coco add some richness, but since it is more of a coco powder flavor profile, actually dries the palate a bit.

The Wine Country.
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