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07 Sep 2021 | Jeremy Dugan


In the world of Scotch Whisky, there are 3 styles of Blended Whiskies.  Blended Malt Whiskies are blends of multiple Single Malt Whiskies from more than one distillery. Blended Grain Whiskies are blends of multiple Single Grain Whiskies from more than one distillery. And Blended Scotch Whiskies are blends of both Single Malt and Single Grain Whiskies.

When John Glaser left his job at a big U.K. distillery to start his own whisky label in 2000, he decided that he would make all 3 types of Blended Whiskies. Basing his business on the old school Scotch Whisky Blending Houses, John created Compass Box.

I was lucky enough to meet John Glaser a handful of years ago, and the two things that really stood out to me was how smart and passionate he was about blending whisky.  The details he gave about how they searched and searched for the best cooperages and found one in the US, one in France and one in Spain that they still work with, how they work with different toasts on their barrels, and making different casks to allow different expressions on each of their whiskies.  He explained to me how they choose who they partner with when buying their whiskies, and how each blending process is its own experience and adventure.

The education and passion behind the brand could be tasted when going through the Compass Box lineup.

Our Next Happy Hour with Jeremy Zoom Tasting

Friday September 17th  at 6 p.m.

With Special Guest Scott Ellis

And I would like you all to taste that passion as well. Join me for my next Happy Hour with Jeremy on Friday September 17th at 6 pm as we taste three whiskies from Compass Box:  Spice Tree, Story of the Spaniard and Peat Monster with special guest Scott Ellis. And remember; 50 milliliters translates to 1.5 ounces. So that's less than $8 for a pour of these Whiskies. Let's see you get that kind of pricing at a bar!

Purchase a Compass Box gift set ($21.99) which includes one 50ml bottle of the before mentioned whiskies, give us your email address so I can send you the Zoom link, and then learn about one of the most interesting blended whisky brands in the world while enjoying some of their delicious spirits.

Looking forward to it!
Micah Olguin - 12 Sep 2021 - 20:58
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