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01 Nov 2018 | Samantha Dugan


Okay, folks.  Brace yourselves.  Get ready for your local wine merchant to lay some deep truth upon you. I know it will be difficult to hear, even harder to absorb and comprehend, but I implore you, hear me out and try for a second to understand that my uncomfortable words come a place of education, experience, and decades of fierce devotion to a specific wine region.

Ready?  Here goes,

Not all Champagne is good.

In actuality, there is a flood of boring bubbly wines coming from Champagne and some of it is downright dreadful, to be honest.

Poorly made base wines being the biggest culprit, that and the fact that people can be dizzied by bubbles when celebrating, add to that the fact that so many people never really think of Champagne as a wine, as in thinking to swirl, sniff and truly evaluate what’s in the glass beneath those racy bubbles, well there really isn’t much incentive for the big factory Champagne producers to change the way they have been doing it all these years.

Now see, this is what I cherish about our wicked cool customers, you all are way, way ahead of the curve. Our Champagne events are some of our most feverishly attended and we’ve not had a Champagne from one of those huge monster facilities in well over a decade, nearly two in fact.  Your fierce support and thirst for these wines is what inspires us to be highly critical and steadfast in making sure that each and every bottle of Champagne on our shelf is way over-performing for its price.  Not always easy, but entirely worth it!

We’ve had an amazing string of really amazing bubbles come across the tasting table the past few months and here are a few that really blew our minds. Handcrafted, small production wines with gorgeous length and power.  

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