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28 Apr 2023 | Martha Quijano


Day One and Day 2 Cheese Countdown

First Cheese 

I’m not an angel but I act like one, 

My name starts with an S, 

I’m never happy, 

I’m mild in flavor but I’m funky too, 

I’m made from milk from an animal that moo’s. 

Can you guess what style of cheese I am? Better yet, can you guess my name?


 Second Cheese 

I’m made out of the milk from the animal in a children’s lullaby, 

3 bags full and you’re after my milk, 

I’m euphoric and wise but nutty and nice, 

The Dutch are familiar with my class, but I’m a good French. 

Guess what style of cheese I am? Or guess my name. 


Day 3 Cheese Countdown

Un, deux, trois I'm a cheese that is velvety and rich,

delic-ious even,

My favorite colors should be blue, white, and red,

but it's actually burgundy.

I dress around in diamond like frost,

I'm richer and sexier than my cousin Brie-anna,

I will literally melt-in your mouth before you can say my whole name.

What type of cheese am I? Or have you guessed my whole name?


Day 4 Cheese Countdown

Hablo espanol, but I’m not from Mexico.  

My name is in espanol too. 

I am made from an ingredient that pigs like to sniff out. 

My type of milk rhymes with ceja, but I’m not talking about my eyebrow. 

Mi nombre starts with an O. 


Day 5 Cheese Countdown

I'm a party pleaser but vampires dare not taste me,

One of my ingredients is deadly to them.

I'm swirly and fresh

With a name that rhymes with a gambling game.

Here's a clue, it starts with and R.


Day 6 Cheese Countdown

My milk is the Greatest Of All Time.

I'm bloomy and fresh, 

My name starts with a B.

I'm from the Loire Valley.


Day 7 Cheese Countdown

I'm a mild creamer version to Manchego,

but I am from France.

I'm pint-sized and cute,

my light brown rind has a basket weave pattern;

I'm a favorite picnic cheese that makes you want to bask 

in the afternoon sun.

What cheese am I?



A cow named Tom, of the French Alps, 

sells savoy in his farmhouse.

Guess the cheese!



Thank you for reading!!

These are good riddles. Can only guess one. Bucheron for Day 6.
Dodie - 05 May 2023 - 01:03
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