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26 Nov 2022 | Jeremy Dugan


Over the last few weeks I have been tasting with suppliers and have been finding some really fun wines. As I was putting orders in I noticed that most of these wines were from Italy. Now is it that there was a ship that recently went through the Port down here that came from the country of Trebbiano, Montepulciano and Nero d'Avola? Or is it just one of those stars aligning moments? Either way I am very happy with these new vinos naturale that are now available in-store and online.

2021 Controvento Vento d’Estate, Abruzzo, Italy. $25.99 per bottle

100% Passerina, this white from Abruzzo would definitely fall into the “Natty” category. On the nose there is notes of brett and characteristics that remind me of a Basque style cider. The taste continues that profile; waxy red apple fruit, brett and minerality all explode onto the palate. While the fruit and minerality bring some balance to the wine, the brett lingers on the taste buds.  

2021 Controvento Doccia Fredda, Abruzzo, Italy. $25.99 per bottle

A 50/50 blend of Trebbiano and Passerina this wine sees 5-days skin-contact during fermentation and has zero SO2 added. This salinity driven wine does have a touch of VA but it blows off to bring in notes of green apple and lemon peel. The salinity really carries this wine, the fruit is present but takes a backseat to the minerality/salinity.

2021 Fabio Ferracane Macerato, Sicily, Italy. $30.99 per bottle

This 100% Catarratto spent 19-days during fermentation with skin-contact and was aged for 2-months on the lees. It is unfined and unfiltered and has no SO2 added. A bright pop of minerality wakes up your palate and leads to soft tannins that come in the form of brett and apple skins. Brett lingers on the palate before notes of apple pulp and lemon peel come out. The lemon peel like the brett pulls the moisture from your taste buds but this allows soft nectarine fruit to be present at the finish.

2020 Fabio Ferracane Guancia Nera Avulisi, Sicily, Italy. $25.99 per bottle

This is just a classic Nero d’Avola that spent 8-days during fermentation with skin-contact and was aged for 11-months on the lees in stainless steel. While the mouthfeel is light the fruit in this is big and rich. Dried figs with blueberries coat your palate with a soft touch of olive to serve as a contrast to the fruit. The hints of olive take on more brine characteristics that serve as tannic structure and attribute to the light mouthfeel.

2019 Gismondi Crucella Red, Campania, Italy. $30.99 per bottle

A blend of Sangiovese, Fresia and Merlot this wine sees 5-days of maceration during fermentation and has zero sulfur added. There is a hint of Barnyard on the nose but that is covered on the palate by big fruit. Candied plums, blackberries and cherries all coat the palate nicely. Subtle tannins that come in the form of black tea creates a dryness. This leads to violets and dark fruit lingering on your taste buds.


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