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29 Apr 2024 | Samantha Dugan

Old World, Old School, Old Pricing Red & White Burgundy


“Is the owner here?” a customer in the shop when I asked if I could assist him in the French department. “I used to shop here over 20 years ago, I moved away, but I used to get some really great Burgundy here from the owner, for like under $18.00, and I would buy them by the case. I was just wondering what he might have now that’s like that? I was hoping to get around six bottles of something to take to friends while I am in town visiting” I stood there, his hopeful words falling upon me like tiny daggers, I was going to be forced to disappoint a customer, and I hate that. “Yeah, sadly that simply doesn’t happen anymore” is how I began to unravel this poor gentleman’s dreams of spending under $100 on a six pack of red Burgundy. Availability and price for red, and white for that matter, Burgundy have had a major impact on our beloved wines, making them harder to procure and when we do get some, they are at significantly higher prices. Tragic for those of that ache for those aromatics and flavors that can only come from that heralded and captivating region in France.


That was my first day back from a whirlwind trip to the French Riveria, (yeah, I’m not that fancy, my brilliant husband won an all expense paid four night stay in Cannes) I was wearing my jetlag, my eyes floating inside my head, each blink a little longer to recover from, each step taking twice as much effort, me carefully going over each word to be uttered like that little bouncing dot that goes from word to word on those videos that help toddlers learn to read. I did my best to explain to my fellow Burgundy seeker that the words “value” and “Burgundy” are hardly ever uttered in the same sentence these days. As the words were still hanging in a bubble over my head, even through my fuzzy travel addled mind, I felt my own ache for Burgundy scratching away at me from the inside out. How could I be missing France? I was just there for 5 days. Where was this coming from? Then it hit me, though I had been guzzling Rose and wild south of France whites, my France was still whispering my name, calling me back. Just like our visiting customer, I too was longing for that specific shiver that only Burgundy can provide.



It was almost as if that customer and I sent a super-secret wine cave help signal, one of my sales reps called later that afternoon and asked if he could come by, “I’ve got a couple Burgundies in my bag that I think you have to try”. Two hours later I was sitting across from two glasses of classic, old school, my France, Burgundy taking deep sniffs, as if I were trying to fill my nose and lungs to bursting. Feeling the ache settle into a soothing brush of fingertips across my shoulders. When I heard the price we ordered 25 cases of each, with a hold being put on 25 more. If I know anything about our craving customers, these wines are going to fly out of here in record time. Especially with warmer days ahead, these old school, classic, lean and racy, feisty and light enough to quench all number of cravings without saturation wines can be offered at any number of occasions. Thus, doing what Burgundy does so well, leaves us thinking about, longing for, thirsting for just a little more. At these prices opening that second bottle is a luxury we can all afford. Get online or get in the shop, like now, because I will be telling everyone about these two wines and I suspect those 50 cases are going to be gone before we know it.


2022 Domaine des Terres Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay $15.99

A delicately fresh and vibrant white Burgundy that has aromatics of yellow apples, wet grass, cashews and chalk. Great texture in the mouth. Enters with some plump fruit but quickly lifts and bounces down the palate as the high energy acidity comes through.Perfect to simply sip but a spunky partner to chicken, salads, grilled veggies, seafood and creamy cheeses.


2022 Domaine des Terres Bourgogne Rouge Pinot Noir $15.99

This wine reminds me so much of the Burgundies we were tasting 20 years ago. That leaner. sultry, tart red fruit, smoke, earth with a crave inducing snap of minerals and acidity that makes this a wine that can pair with just about anything. Decanting puts a little more weight on the wine, a quick chill and you can serve it with everything from grilled seafood, to charcuterie, burgers, to simple slices of roast beef. A taste of old school Burgundy at an old school price. 

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